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My husband's doctors requested a blood test for Monday July 27th. There were no available appointments on line.

We walked in at approximately 7:08 am to do kiosk check-in, we received text of that check-in at 7:10 and we informed there would be a 68 min wait. It is now going on 2 hrs and counting.We have come home, because my husband, with a Life Vest is not capable of sitting that long, outside or in the car. When I went in to find out the problem, the woman said they don't text, corporate does it. At that time she called a name and no one in the room answered, remember, COVID-19 says only 10 patients can be in the room, the other crowd is waiting to be called outside.

She never went to the door to call that name. I asked her why they would send people outside to wait, but not call the name outside.

Therefore, that person just lost their appointment, this is totally unacceptable. You have no idea how unprofessional this is and you should truly be ashamed!

User's recommendation: Go somewhere where they practice professionalism!

Location: Jupiter, Florida

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very poor managed. can't get a customer servixe rep on the phon, social media.

juupiter quest is a mill , no patient care!

poor techs drawing blood. I was bruised by one

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