Today the doctor sent me to the lab to get lab work done. I have eosinophilic asthma and have been sick for ten days even after meds.

The girls in his office sent in the request to the lab nearest me, but failed to put STAT~ Rose A., the employee who tried taking care of me, told me she couldn't do blood work because I did not have an appointment. I called the dr. and asked to please send another fax stating it was STAT, Rose A. told me that it was protocol not to take care of me because I did not have an appointment, I said, ":that I could see if maybe if I wasn't so sick but that I have been very sick, and needed this blood work." She proceeded to say that those were not her rules, and that "anyway, I wouldn't get my results back today." I worked in the medical field as a doctor assistant for 38 years, and I know that if it is STAT THE RESULTS ARE GIVEN RIGHT AWAY!

Then she told me to step outside because she was taking her 15 mns. brake. So I did....and 15 mns. later, and five more people standing in line, she takes those with appointments, turns to me and says" We will not be able to take care of you." I asked her why," and she said that the first request for lab work did not have the word STAT ON IT!

And next time I made an appointment to make it in "ANOTHER LOCATION." Why, I said... no answer here, and I was too upset and not feeling well to go on....so I waited a bit longer outside, (she prohibited from coming in the lab) and then I went in and asked for a copy of the request for lab work that my doctor had sent to her, she gave me the copy, and I took a pen she had on her desk and took her name down.

She said, " you are not suppose come into my place of work like that, and do this, so I told her to watch me do so, I got the pen and wrote down her name.

My complaint is not so much the behavior of a person who obviously is not meant to deal with the public, especially those who are not feeling well, who are elderly, and show no respect or empathy, but I am truly troubled by the fact, that who is she to tell me that I am no longer allowed to go there???? This location of Quest lab, 16550 Soledad Canyon Road Newhall, CA 91387 is the closest to wear I live, and because of my health condition, besides chronic asthma condition, Diabetes, and fibromyalgia I rather go nearer than further away

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