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just a reminder that many humans have only one brain and one blood type and many types of chemicals can distroy a human when humans are attacked by chemicals and only the people of the labs who use the chemicals to attack the human kind know of such chemicals can change many things in the brain of the victom that the lab attacked. well im a victom and im just learning somewhat about what quest diagnostics have done to me but i dont have all the answers and i probubly never will, im mostly concerned for others whom might be in danger because of the fear this chemical has done to me.

there is many devices yes many ways im sure they covered the tracks of the torture they have done to me but they have forgotten one thing , i am still affected by the chemical not only physicly but mentally and the chemical is controlling what i do and how i feel and only they know.

and what ever happens i will never know if i did it or who or how. you will need to go to quest diagnostics green tree.

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You work there around the chemicals ?

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