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They closed down the Merrick , NY Office because of the Virus. I had to go to the dreaded Massapequa Office in which last time I went I was basically tortured.

Last Summer I could not get out of bed due to illness.

I finally went to the doctor whom in turn sent me to a Rheumatologist. The Rheumatologist sent me for bloodwork Consisting of an ANA, RA and so forth.

When I arrived I was met a with a woman more concerned with talking on the phone than getting my blood. I asked her what test she was taking because she asked if I had fasted and when I said no, she said that was a problem. I knew I didnt need to fast for the bloodwork and I went straight from the doctor to the lab.

She told me it was just a cholesterol test and am told her it was not.

She left the room came back and said, ok I know what I need to do. She continued answering her Cell phone calls from her daughter, stuck me four times before she hit a vain, leaving the needle in my arm at one point to talk on her phone. I forgot to mention I was the only patient in the office at the time.

I went home worried that the wrong bloodwork was taken and went to my Rheumatologist to find out that that was exactly what happened. The doctor took my blood in the office after getting off the phone with Quest to complain about the incompetence.

I had to wait a few more weeks for the bloodwork because it took that long for one of the tests to be done, only to find out I have Lupus. My treatment delayed because of this person.

Next time i had a blood test I went to the Quest in Merrick. What a joy, they told me what test they were doing and had me initial the test being done so that I would have proof, giving me a copy. I used the Merrick office until it was closed because of the virus.

Now needed a new blood test for my Rheumatologist I was forced into making an appointment at the dreaded Massapequa office and it did not disappoint with its incompetence once again.

The waiting time was 35 minutes and when I asked if I had that long to wait because I had an appointment I was rudely told to calm down and wait!

I only waited 20 minutes, never seeing any patients leave from the lab area and talking to about 8 others waiting in anger because they had been there for hours and had equally bad experiences at said office, we were all upset the Merrick Office closed while this office was open.

When I was called back, the technician could not find my blood work, which was put into the system twice; once before Coronavirus and last about a week ago when I called my doctor.

She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders and said cant find it, oh well, never offering to wait while I called my doctor or God forbid calling herself. I said this office really sucks and left.

When I got home I called my doctor and got the reference number of the blood work that it was called in, etc. I called and left a message telling them so that they can call me back as to when so I can come in.

I do not expect a phone call back. I now have to wait two weeks for another appointment for bloodwork that should have been done three months ago.

If you live in Nassau County South Shore do not go to the Massapequa Office, they are rude and incompetent.

User's recommendation: Do not go to Massapequa Office, drive 15-20 min to another Quest Office.

Preferred solution: Keep short reins on this office!.

Location: Wantagh, New York

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