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AI went to the location in Columbus, GA. Everyone is rude and bedside manner.

I watched them run someone off who arrived before 3 pm.

Then I was lectured about showing up 15 minutes before they closed. I was told that I should have canceled my obligations to be there earlier because they would have to take off work to get to their appointments, so I should have to do the same.

User's recommendation: Absolutely NOT.

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

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One of worst customer service i had today. I can imagine how bad the customer service was where i had a an appointment and i had enter the code in the system when i reached there and waited for 35 minutes and no text message i got.

When i talked to the person in the lab she told me that my name is not in her system. She has asked me to enter the code again when i entered the code system did not recognize. When i requested the lab personnel she was so rude and asked me to go through again as walk in person and wait . Its really pathetic.

I am a diabetic and already had 15 hours fasting and i could had a stamina to go through another two hours fasting. This was one of my worst day because of the LabCorp.

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