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I am keeping my name private as I want to be involved in exposing this matter but wish to not be further involved. Today is 03/27/2020 and I have just punched in several minutes ago and I was sitting in my car in the parking lot waiting for the AC to kick in when I witnessed the most rude act.

As drivers, especially now we are asked to come in and out of the hub As quickly as possible so most of us are leaving our daily essentials in our cars and then return to our cars to retrieve those items before heading out on the route.

Well today there were 3 drivers lined up in the parking lot getting items from the cars when a black lady approached one the drivers and in the most rude fashion said to her “ are you driving this?” and the driver whom I think is named Patrisha, she is a new Hispanic lady with the logistics team, said “yes”.

The other lady then went on to say in a very rude and absolutely unnecessary tone “ well you need to move I’ve got to go”

Patrisha’s face immediately lit up with a smile and said “I’m sorry, I’ll be out in just a second”.. the other lady, just as rude as she could be said “you need to move it now, I have to go”... me shocked...WOW SERIOUSLY!!!

There was actually no way for her to move the vehicle just yet as she was sandwiched between 2 other drivers. The lady kept going off in her car and then proceeded to speak rudely against Patrisha with the driver that was behind her and when she heard this, she stated to the lady that there was no reason to be rude about it.

And again apologized. She didn’t need to apologize for anything. She did nothing wrong. But it shows just how much of a better person Patrisha is.

I’ve been here for a little minute with the company and unfortunately this is how it is every day around here.

The people that come out of the lab (processing center) are some of the rudest people that work for the company.

It’s unfortunate too that not all the drivers are very welcoming or friendly either. It’s a behavior that trickles down to new people and is infectious from the “senior” staff.

Since Patrisha has been here, I have to say that she has been a breathe of fresh air. She always ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She is always having a WONDERFUL day.

She greets everyone. And I mean everyone. I wish her spirit and attitude trickled throughout the logistics department up to those in the management office as well.

This kind of behavior should not be tolerated and this new lady surely did not deserve to be talked to or treated in this manner.

It makes me sick to my stomach that a company who I thought I was going to be proud to work for has this type of environment.

I’ve heard negative conversations in the area where all the drivers gather their equipment and supplies. Managers should be coming out and stopping this kind of talk and behavior.

If drivers are not happy with their jobs then they need to move on and allow others to come in whom would be grateful to have a job especially during this pandemic.

Back to the topic...

the lady that was rude, I do not know her name. But she drives a Royal Blue mini SUV and she is a black lady.

I hope this kind of behavior is addressed immediately and we push to end this kind of abuse at the work place.

If you meet Patrisha or better yet ask anyone about her since she has started they will all I’m sure 100% will all say that she is a pleasure to be around and has the best attitude and spirit. And her smile is contagious.

I’m happy she is here and part of the quest family I was expecting to see working here. I hope she survives the horrible disease of complainers and unhappy staff members and we can build a better unit and environment.

User's recommendation: Hope for a better work environment.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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