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One of the worst customer service i had today. I can imagine how bad the customer service was where i had an appointment and i had to enter the code in the system when i reached there and waited for 35 minutes and no text message i received to my phone .

i talked to the person in the lab she told me that my name is not in her system. She has asked me to enter the code again when i entered the code system did not recognize. When i requested the lab personnel she was so rude and asked me to go through again as walk in person and wait. She was so rude and infront of other patient she was literally shouting me .

. I am a diabetic and already had 15 hours fasting and i couldn't had a stamina to go through another two hours fasting.

This was one of my wo

rst day because of the LabCorp.

There was no Covid precaution has taken too. Waiting area was too crowded and not monitored.

User's recommendation: I wont recommend Labcorp to any one because of the bad experience i had today.

Preferred solution: Hire decent lab personnel who can handle the patient with care. Train your employees how to deal with the patient. Your lab personnel doesn't do any favor..

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