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I called several months ago and had a con with Quest and my insurance company to correct a billing problem. This con call was initiated by me because several Quest lab employee told me next time they could not perform my test.

I told them it was covered under insurance. So now over a month later I assumed the issue was resolved until I received a bill from Quest. So I initiated another con call with the insurance company and Quest. Michael was very perturbed because I interrupted him.

I said this had to be resolved because the lab has told me 3 times now that they will not perform test again. I asked him if the issue could be expedited. He said no that was not his job. I said so I can't get my blood tested?

Michael is very condescending and haughty and arrogant. He made excuses for himself saying he's been up since 6am and on and on. I told him it was his job and those were his hours. You do your job and his problem should not become mine.

If the rep before him had done it right, we won't be addressing the same issue. Reps should be helpful and not display these types of emotions. I worked in customer service and I know.

He needs an attitude adjustment. Now I know why Quest has such bad reviews.

User's recommendation: Find another lab if possible. I got an error so compliant could not be sent.

Preferred solution: Billing dept needs more training and reps need attitude adjustments. Without customers there would be no business for them to work for.

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